Be the Best Analyst You Can Be!

Simply connect all your marketing channels with no IT support utilizing each 3rd party OAuth API connection. Once you connect, your data will be pulled into one central repository where you can access it via our UI, our APIs, or you can export it to CSV!

Having this data in one place and transformed removes all the work for you to get the data so you can focus on what you do best, analysis!

  • * The simplest marketing data ingestion tool
  • * Export all data to CSV
  • * Simple views of aggregated and content data
  • * Search your data
  • * Schedule email reports to your team

Simple view of your social channels

Our dashboard is simple! Get a quick view of all the social channels and then drill into the content.

View content attribution and performance for every page or article

We correlate your content to each social channel so you can see how much you spend to get to each page. This data is part of our proprietary algorithms and this data is very difficult to get through each social platform's native reporting.

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